Newport Beach, California, bankruptcy specialist Jonathan Ellowitz devotes most of his time to his law practice, assisting individuals and small businesses in the Orange County area that are faced with crushing debt. Ellowitz provides a very individualized service, handling all of his cases personally as a sole practitioner. Thus, all of his clients reap the benefits of his 30+ years of experience. In addition to prioritizing his work to the extent of offering clients the option of meeting on evenings and weekends, Jonathan Ellowitz still manages to give back to the community through his participation in several charitable endeavors.

Jonathan Ellowitz works to preserve the environment and promote international harmony through his association with the Endangered Planet Foundation. Based in Laguna Beach, this organization aims to support “the survival of the Earth” through a variety of means, including service projects, educational messages, and art. Ellowitz currently functions as VP Director of the Endangered Planet Foundation, and he has authored and co-authored several documents the group has published. Two mayors of Laguna Beach signed two of these documents, an Earth Trustee City Proclamation and an International Day of Peace Proclamation.

Jonathan Ellowitz also is affiliated with the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. This organization is an American fraternal order that combines social events and community service with an emphasis on programs targeting underprivileged youth and military veterans. Ellowitz is a member of the Newport Harbor Lodge, in which he serves as Chaplain.

An additional cause that Jonathan Ellowitz supports is breast cancer research. The search for a cure took on new meaning to him after he lost his wife to the disease in 2008. Since then, he has participated in a number of fundraising efforts, hoping to aid in the fight against cancer.


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